Spirituality vs Materialism

Posted: November 20, 2013 in Uncategorized
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More people are becoming consumed with materialism,
meaning that they are too concerned with material things and worldly
pleasures. The problem is that in their quest for these things, many
become greedy and selfish, and care less about others. Unfortunately,
many times we see arguments over money and material things, causing
dysfunction among families and friends.

We live in a world inundated with technology, from simple gadgets to complex electronics. Material things are the be-all and end-all for many of us. We want the houses, the cars, the fashionable cars and all the rest.

However, the most obvious manifestation of our materialism is our unabated appetite for money. And money can buy not only things. Nowadays, it can also buy love. Material wealth prevails over spiritual values.

Many people have taken materialism as the true measure of success. It is to have all the comforts in life through possession of the things that make living easier.

Possessions have become so important to us that we will go to great lengths to acquire them – and that usually means going into debt or spending tomorrow’s earnings. Many people will do whatever it takes for immediate gratification without considering the consequences of tomorrow or next year.

Many people are so obsessed with materialistic things, that they forget what’s important in life. If they really stop and take a hard look at their lives, they will probably find that in the process of accumulating possessions, they have forgotten to enjoy their possessions and live life!

Spirituality vs Materialism


Spirituality and materialism are both after happiness

Spirituality seeks happiness within, Materialism seeks happiness without.

Spirituality teaches us to aspire for a better life, a more illumined life. Materialism teaches us to desire more material goods and material wealth.

Spirituality teaches us to be selfless, materialism teaches us to  selfish.

Spirituality teaches us to love our fellow-man. Materialism teaches us to love our material wealth.

Spirituality does not compare. Materialism is subject to constant comparison the father of jealousy and insecurity.

Spirituality lives in the present moment. Materialism lives in tomorrows world of endless desires and yesterday’s world of inevitable dissatisfaction.

Spirituality enables peace of mind. Materialism, even with all the wealth in the world can never buy peace.

Materialism eventually becomes frustrated with its own limitations. Slowly, reluctantly and even unwillingly, materialism eventually turns to spirituality to feed its insatiable appetite for real happiness.

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